Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Peanuts and Cracker-Jacks got nothin’ on our gameday goodies!


If you’ve been keeping up with college baseball, you know that my beloved LSU Tigers are currently ranked NUMBER ONE (Geaux Tigahs!) and history is being made this weekend with the number one and number two (TAMU) teams facing off in Alex Box Stadium. Continue reading


Take a Trip to the Sweet, Sweet South!

What did one strawberry say to the other strawberry? This is all your fault, if you weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam!

Jeremy Blum

Jeremy Blum

As a little girl, I always eagerly awaited the warm weather following winter. Growing up in Louisiana though, my favorite time of year also meant one of my favorite things, Festival Season!

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Embrace Your Inner Champion

For the record, Southern Belles don’t sweat, they sparkle.


If you’re anything like me, you’ve made my fair share of New Years resolutions. This year, if maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of your goals, we’re here to help. And if participating in the Louisiana Marathon made your list as well, we have a few quality tips for any runner. Whether this is just another marathon in the books for you, or the first time you’re competitively running the half, you can never be too prepared.

The first resolution I checked off my list is joining my university’s CHAARG chapter. CHAARG prides itself on empowering young women and giving them the foundation to have success not just with fitness but other aspects of life. CHAARG registration is open now so if you’re in college, swing by their website to see if your school has one! Luckily for us here in Baton Rouge, there is a great CHAARG chapter and we were lucky enough to get a few fabulous members in some Sweet Baton Rouge activewear.  I personally LOVE these shirts. Not only do they keep you dry with integrated wicking, but they’re also receive a special treatment in order to prevent odor causing bacteria!


Living in Louisiana, weather is often a factor in outdoor events. If you’re participating in the Louisiana Marathon, be sure to check the weather before gearing up and heading out. Currently, the Hi/Lo is expected to be 66 and 43 respectively so layers will be key. It’s important to not overdress in order to maintain comfort and breathability along with a favorable body temperature. It’s also imperative to keep mobility in mind. If you choose to remove layers while running, you’ll want something that can be tucked, tied, or thrown off the course. Going for a practice run in the outfit you plan to wear on the day of the marathon is a good idea to prevent unexpected discomfort.

For more information on the Louisiana Marathon, visit: thelouisianamarathon.com

If you’re interested in joining a university or virtual chapter of CHAARG, visit: http://www.chaarg.com

If you’re running in the Baton Rouge area, grab your Sweet Baton Rouge active tanks and tees at The Royal Standard Perkins. These can also be found on shopfootballtees.com

Good luck and GeauxRunLA!

We’re Most Thankful for…

Despite a mediocre performance this season, in the opinion of most fans of LSU’s Fighting Tigers, the Tigers still have a great deal to be thankful for. Before I get to that, let’s go back to the beginning…

Crystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY Sports

Crystal LoGiudice/USA TODAY Sports

The Tigers were off to a promising start, defeating Wisconsin at NRG Stadium and winning the first two games in Death Valley. In the midst of four consecutive home games, the Tigers fell to Mississippi State before closing out their home-game stretch with a redeeming 63-7 over New Mexico State.

The success was short lived once LSU faced the Tigers of Auburn University and fell 41-7. This is when most fans counted the team completely out for the season. Fast forward past a road win against Florida and an easy steal at home against Kentucky, and you’ll find one of the most exciting games of the season: LSU vs. Ole Miss in Death Valley. The Tigers managed to edge out the Rebels in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Fans storm the field, Freshman Trey Quinn crowd surfs, the overall moral is as high as can be as LSU heads into the most anticipated game of the season against Alabama. One bye week and four quarters and an overtime later, the Tigers end up on the short end of a 20-13 heartbreaker followed by what most fans consider to be an embarrassing loss against Arkansas, giving the Razorbacks their first SEC win under Coach Bielema.

With Thanksgiving approaching and a trip to College Station to face the Aggies of Texas A&M, the Tigers can still be thankful for their young, developing team that will continue to improve over the next few seasons as well as their quarterbacks, coaching staff, and fan base. Here at Football Tees, we’re thankful for our customers and retailers! Here’s a season recap at some of our favorite looks! As always, you can visit shopfootballtees.com for pieces to create the perfect look for any season! -Alexis

IMG_7727 IMG_7718

IMG_7728 IMG_7719


College Football Playoffs: Guiding You Through the Game Changers

If you’re anything like me,  you have your favorite team that you follow and love the atmosphere of gameday, but could use a little help when it comes to terminology and facts of the game. If your favorite team happens to be a collegiate team, you’ve probably heard of a little something called the College Football Playoffs, and you’ve probably had a tough time figuring it out. Lucky for you, I researched, deciphered, and compiled enough info for you to (hopefully) figure out where your team stands and where you could be planning a trip to at the end of the season.



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Make a touchdown this weekend in our gameday gear!

Whether you’ll be tailgating in Cajun Country, North Louisiana, down in New Orleans, or here in Sweet Baton Rouge, we’ve got you covered! Nothing to wear this weekend? Here’s a peek at just a few of our retailers and their SFT Gameday style!

Lafayette, LA

7 Chics, Lafayette, LA


Lafayette, LA

7 Chics, Lafayette, LA

Lafayette, LA

7 Chics, Lafayette, LA

Ruston, LA

Beau Monde Boutique, Ruston, LA

Ruston, LA

Beau Monde Boutique, Ruston, LA

Jena, La

Caboose Boutique, Jena, LA

Lake Charles, LA

Catina Couture, Lake Charles, LA

Monroe, LA

Salt and Pepper Boutique, Monroe, LA

Baton Rouge, LA

The Royal Standard, Baton Rouge, LA

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Tulip Tree, Hot Springs, Arkansas


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